March 20, 2020 – ABC Plan for Services

UPDATE 3/21/20 – We are asking and encouraging EVERYONE to stay at home Sunday. Please tune in to live service Sunday at 11AM, and Sunday evening at 6PM via FaceBook live. Thank you for your cooperation.

Our Plan:

With all the confusion, information, and even mis-information being presented, we must be level headed, and have a balanced approach. We do not want to compromise the safety of our people. We do not want to go against the authority of the Government. At the same time we want to honor God as our highest priority. Governor Dewine has limited mass gatherings of 50, however churches are excluded from that mandate. As such, we are within our liberty to gather. We don’t want to be foolish about our gatherings. So below are the guidelines to our meetings, to help keep everyone safe, and limit exposure.

Our current plan is to continue services as follows: Sunday 11AM, 6PM and Wednesday 7PM.

We are asking anyone who is considered ‘high exposure’ (you work with the public on a daily basis as a cashier etc.) to stay at home. We are asking anyone that is sick, to stay at home. We are asking our elderly people to please stay at home, you are in a higher risk category. If you have any concerns, please stay at home. We do not like to ask people to stay home, but we are striving to follow recommendations and continue to honor God. With so many being asked to stay at home, Lord willing we will be live streaming ALL of our services on the FaceBook page. We plan to do this until the 1st of April.

For those that may be in attendance, we have a large auditorium, we are asking that you spread out, and make use of the space available. Please wash your hands with soap and water. Please do not shake hands. Please refrain from gathering after church for fellowship. We want to do the best we can to limit exposure.

All extra activities are suspended until April 1st. No Sunday school classes, no Jr. Church, no Shipmates, no nursery (it will be closed), no choir, no special music, no bus route etc. Our ONLY services will be basic church services Sunday 11AM, 6PM, and Wednesday 7PM. We are doing everything we can to make church accessible to everyone we can online and with the technology that is available to us. Please sign up for the text message service we currently offer as that will be the best form of communication for us. To join simply send a text message to the phone number 888-694-9410 with only the letters: ABC

Remember we as a church operate by the tithes and offerings of God’s people. You have been so faithful in your giving. We would ask that you continue during these trying and difficult times. You can mail a check to the church or you can drop an offering at the church during the regular business hours during the week. We are looking into other ways as well.

Know that during this difficult time, we love you. God is still alive and on the throne. None of this has taken God by surprise. When you are fearful, go to God in prayer, read His word, and lean on His comfort. He is the GREAT Shepherd. Psalm 56:3 – What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.

Please contact the church if you have any questions or concerns: 330-837-0101 or email me.

Anchor Baptist Church Staff

2700 Richville Dr SE

Massillon, OH 44646