Sunday (Nov 29th) Schedule

Because of the amount of sickness we have cut back our services for this Sunday. On Sunday (November 29th) we will not have Sunday School at 10AM. There will be an 11AM Sunday Morning service, and a Sunday Evening Service at 6PM. These will be done primarily online. The building will be open. If you are healthy and want to attend, you are welcome to come to the service. You can find us on Youtube, Facebook, or call 339-207-6813 to listen to the service.

Happy Thanksgiving!

“Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies; Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.” (Psalm 103:1–5)

It is fitting to have a day to give Thanks to the Lord! God is certainly worthy of our thanksgiving. May your day be filled with gratitude to God for His many bountiful blessings on your life. Take time to “Count your Blessings, name them one by one.”

Stay Informed!

We at Anchor Baptist Church want you to be informed. We have been challenged trying to communicate in 2020 with so many restrictions. While we strive to post on social media, the web page, and text messages, we know it is a tough to keep everyone informed.

Sign up to get notified every time we post on the web page. Most people don’t visit our website every day to see what is going on. Now, you can get notified via email every day. When we post something whether it is announcements or messages, you will be contacted via email every day.

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Pie & Praise mid-week service – Canceled

With all the sickness that is going around we feel it is best to cancel Pie & Praise tonight. We will certainly miss this wonderful service that has been tradition for many years. There will not be a mid-week service at all this week. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving on Thursday.

5 Four Letter Words for Happiness

5 Four Letter Words for Happiness

A sermon preached by Pastor Mark Jacobs

Happiness is what everyone is looking for and wants. True happiness and real joy can only begin to be experienced when we accept Christ as our personal Saviour. Most saved people would also say that they want to be happy, yet many are not- not as many as could be. Are YOU truly happy in the Lord?

  1. READ- Read your Bible. Read it regularly, consistently, daily, through each year. Read it whether you feel like it or you don’t. God can speak to you through it.
  2. PRAY- Pray to God in Heaven, the only true God. Pray about everything. Write a list to help you remember. Pray for self, for others, for direction, for leadership, for power, more needs to be met, for happiness, for forgiveness of sin and more. Pray without ceasing. Always be in and attitude of prayer.
  3. COME- Come to God’s house regularly and consistently. Heb. 10:25 says, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more as ye see the day approaching.” Coming to church benefits you and your family. If you want your children and grandchildren to want and love to come to church you must set an example.
  4. TELL- Tell others of Christ, how you were saved and how great it is to BE saved. Hand out tracts, invite folks to church. Verbally talk one on one to people about Christ. We talk about everything else- why not the most important ONE in our life?
  5. GIVE- Give of yourself, your time, your talents, your treasure. There is a great joy in giving. Stingy, selfish people are generally NOT happy people. Every saved person should be a tither- 10% of your income to the Lord is a minimum.

Just because you do all five of these regularly, does not mean you will never have problems, disappointments, discouragement, poor health, financial setbacks, etc. But it does mean that if you will do and continue to do these things, you will have a greater joy and happiness than if you didn’t.